Our philosophy is to reconnect people with nature


We believe in preserving nature for future generations.

We believe in sustainability and protecting endangered habit.

We believe humans and nature can live in harmony.

We believe nature is a right for every person to have access to.

We believe education and advocacy are critical to fulfilling our mission.


Our goal is to create, manage and grow Sappraiwan's Elephant Sanctuary, Resort and Foundation as a sustainable organization creating value for all stakeholders, this includes animals, plants, insects, humans, and Earth. We strive to give guests a memorable experience by connecting them with animals, including elephants, sustainable farming methods and local village culture. We will demonstrate how humans can live in harmony with nature and thrive. Local communities will take part in this endeavor for Sappraiwan’s long-term sustainable and viable future while creating a model framework for how nature and humans can cohabit successfully.


 This work began back in 1998 when 360 acres of farmland was bought and is now the site of Sappraiwan Resort and Elephant Sanctuary. At that time Thailand’s natural jungle habitat was slowing disappearing and there was a need to save it. After the purchase of the land, the first action was to return the farm back to its indigenous habitat by planting 30,000 trees in place of the farm crops.


Now, ~20 years later Sappraiwan is a jungle that includes 8 elephants, a variety of wild animals, birds, insects, and plant life. The surrounding area, in turn, has developed into farmland, cities, highways, etc. Sappraiwan's owners believe it is critical more now than ever before to keep the forested jungle. As Sappraiwan continues to grow in its natural state we will continue to preserve, teach and share Sappraiwan’s beauty and outdoor experience with others. 


We welcome you to share this amazing adventure with us. 


Please note: all guests are covered by insurance



Sappraiwan Elephant Resort & Sanctuary

1/79 Moo 2 Kaengsopha, Wangthong 

Phitsanulok, Thailand 65220


Sappraiwan Elephant Resort, Tambon Kaeng Sopha, Amphoe Wang Thong, Phitsanulok 65220


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