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Experience the Complex Lives of Elephants.

3 Days/2 Nights Program


Begin your adventure by stepping out of the city and into the natural habitat of the critically endangered Asian Elephant. Immediately, your senses are greeted with the sights, sounds, and the smell of the forest, and as you venture deeper, trumpets and rumbles let you know you’re getting closer.


Upon meeting Thailand’s giants in the forest, you will have the rare opportunity to observe mothers nursing their offspring, siblings taunting each other, and young elephants discovering the wonders of the forest under the watchful eye of their matriarch.



The rest of your getaway is in your hands - a variety available activities and amenities will allow each individual to create their dream itinerary.

Discover more about our resident elephants and their forest home by following the footsteps of one of the sanctuary’s bulls. Sip an iced Thai tea at the sanctuary’s lake view cafe while the elephants and other wildlife meander past after enjoying a drink or a swim. Seize the opportunity to treat yourself by indulging in the resort’s luxurious spa, massage, and yoga experiences.



As the resort is full of and surrounded by, stunning attractions. Extending your stay for additional nights is easily arranged upon arrival.

If you’re intrigued by Thai history, we can help plan your trip to our local UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Sukhothai Historical Park. Tranquil national parks are a short drive away, and since Sappraiwan is off the common tourist track, you may even have a stunning waterfall all to yourself.

Spending an evening (or several) at the resort gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the depths of our forest and experience the wildlife that comes to life late at night and early in the morning. Twinkling fireflies and singing birds are waiting for you on a night safari or early morning walk.


This program is for ages 15 years and older, and those who are in good health. Accommodations can be made for those who would like to reduce their physical activity, e.g. walking, or would like to take an afternoon off if needed.  



  • Close-toed shoes (If rainy season, shoes will get wet.) 

  • Chemical free Insect repellent. (Elephants have sensitive noses)

  • Sunscreen

  • Long pants & long sleeve shirts, above the ankle socks

  • Hat or sun visor

  • Reusable water bottle (to avoid the use of plastic bottles)



  • Three vegetarian meals per day. (If you have special dietary needs please make a note when registering.)

  • Private accommodation (with hot water, Wifi, A/C, western toilets)

  • Drinking water when out in the field

  • Thai/English speaking group coordinator

  • Pick up/drop off at Phitsanulok bus station, train station or airport

  • The experience of a lifetime and the making of new friends

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